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Perfect Document Management

The right way to securely store, manage, retrieve, share and organize important files & documents

What we do?

We make it easy to securely store important files and documents. 

Version History

UN-delete on a whim, your data is never lost. All past versions are retained for you may need the data at any time.

You're always secured with WowBerry DMS

Access Rights & Ownership

Control who can see, read, download, edit, delete data. You can have backoffice staff upload-only and trusted 3rd party view-only, with some files while you retain ownership.

Always know who can do what with your files at any time.

Unlimited Power

Complete customizability, including authorization workflows, automated emails and reminders - and much more can be made so your solution fits you to a T.

WowBerry is famously known for being the most versatile and customizable CRM / ERP toolkit around.

View, Copy, Move, Delete, Retrieve, Upload, Set Permissions, Search…

Know a plethora of highly relevant information in one place.

What you need, when you need it.
Perfect Access Rights Management

Simple Pricing. Setup + Monthly.
No user fees, unlimited users.


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