Do you make ERP software?


We need to manage our client data, transactions and documents. How can I do that? Do you have a ERP that does that?

wherrelz Answered question October 18, 2021

Wherrelz does indeed build high performance, flexible, customizable CRM and ERP software. Here’s a range of what we’ve done for our clients in the past:

1. Custom CRM to track customers, with custom-specific Automation
2. Tracking transactions, invoices and send out reminders + payment notices
3. Reduce Team workload using Automation on S.O.P. based tasks
4. FAST reports, accurate accounting/Fiscal data
5. Inventory & Stores management
6. Comprehensive connect-to-Customer using Email, SMS and Whatsapp integration

The solutions we offer for this are quite affordable, and have a high ROI as opposed to most rigid CRM / ERP software.

wherrelz Answered question October 18, 2021
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