We help you create game changing customer experiences, grow revenue, reduce overheads & automate processes.

The modern world requires modern technology to aid and accelerate business processes. Automation is one of the best methods to do this, and Wherrelz is a pioneer in building automation that focused on generating high performance customer self-service experiences to grow revenue with minimal overheads.

Our products showcase our skills, so you can see the awesomeness that will be used while helping you create your next big product.

Speed & Performance

Fast loading web platforms are awesome. We will make your product / platform fast, elegant and highly performant so your users love you.

Highly Customizable

Your website / program will be made to work the way you want it to work. Automation, authorization, workflows, user experience – will match your business priorities to a T.

Dedicated & Diligent

We dedicate ourselves to the quality of product we offer. See our products and our clients testimonials and you will know exactly why you should switch to Wherrelz. Right. Now.


Our Business provide a wide variety of services to serve your every need. Choose what do you want us to  serve you with.

Responsive Design

Responsive Design

Careful attention to detail and clean, well structured code ensures a smooth user experience for all your visitors.

Multiple Devices

Multiple Devices

All our Themes are responsive and work efficiently and look great on various types of devices.

Unique Design

Unique Design

No more boring looking site. You can create your own unique designs using our themes.

Great for Eyes

Great for Eyes

We use great Typography that is easy on eye and offers great User experience for your viewers.

Great resources

Great resources

We work very hard to design and code a high quality, easy to use products to our users.



Our Codes and files are well organized, so that you can easily find what you want to use.

Let's build your dream product together!

Website, CRM, mobile app, graphics, SEO, basically everything in IT - whatever you need we will get it or build it for you. We have everything you need, and more.

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Our Team

Check out our multi talented team members. We keep adding more so the list will keep growing.

  • Chaitanya Dhareshwar

    MD / Founder

    Chaitanya Dhareshwar

    MD / Founder

    First-gen entrepreneur with many operational products and happy clients. Loves to use technology as a solution for most problems, and can help you achieve your targets though technology & business automation.

  • Sumanlata Dhareshwar

    Director / CFO

    Sumanlata Dhareshwar

    Director / CFO

    A technology manager with 12+ years in the field working with companies, helping them achieve scale. Has supported many angel-backed (now-exited) startups, and is a co-founder of Wherrelz.

  • Priyanka Bisht

    Business Development Manager

    Priyanka Bisht

    Business Development Manager

    A Sales Manager with 4+ years workex, drives market for our team. She has mastered the ins and outs of direct sales – using her specialties has helped the company achieve many goals. She enjoys Brainstorming sales strategies and networking with other industry professionals.

  • Mayur Dhanrale

    Full Stack Developer

    Mayur Dhanrale

    Full Stack Developer

    Mayur is a BTech from ENTC and a highly accomplished Certified .NET developer. His knowledge on open source technologies is awesome and he can work on most complex projects with our teams.

  • Gaurav Vaidya

    Graphic Designer

    Gaurav Vaidya

    Graphic Designer

  • Ayaz Khorajia

    Android Developer

    Ayaz Khorajia

    Android Developer

Our Clients

From Our Blog

Read from our large collection of helpful and Informative articles by the experts in various fields.

Employment Terms

Terms of Employment Nature of Employment: You will be considered as permanent employee from the beginning of your employment with us. Days/Hours of work: The normal working days are from Monday to Saturday. However, we may allow Work from Home …

WordPress Development

WordPress is free web software you can use to create elegant websites, blogs, or apps. We can build you highly extensible plugins and widgets that allow your copy of wordpress to really represent what you want it to stand for. …

Exam Platform

The era of online examinations is here! Study online, attempt the exam online, the Digital Proctor ensures you’re not copying – and finally get your certification / exam pass confirmation on the spot! The platform will be made available under …

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