OTT Video Platform

A high performance video OTT platform developed specially for you, with your branding and content. Try out our demo platform on and see what you can do. Here is a screenshot of our client’s live platform (taken with permission) so you can see what it looks like when in Production.


Why is OTT right for YOU?

  • You make video / audio content, but now want to monetize your own content
  • You want to have your Own Live Stream channels
  • You don’t have a direct subscriber base, but want to build one (they pay more!)
  • You license the video / audio content to 3rd parties (i.e. transfer ownership) and get some indirect reveue – but now want to get your own thing going
  • You want direct user Revenue, Eyeballs, Brand Growth

Reach out to us to get a free consultation on building this platform JUST FOR YOU!

About the Author


Wherrelz is an IT Solutions company that focuses on 3 key verticals viz. CRM & Big Data, Digital, and Media & OTT.

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