Employment Terms

  1. Nature of Employment: You will be considered as permanent employee from the end of your probation period.
  2. Days/Hours of work: The normal working days are from Monday to Friday. Saturdays and Sundays are fixed off unless notified by the management. No overtime payment shall be applicable as long as overtime during the month is less than 24 working hours.
  3. Hybrid office/home option may be supported for senior employees / employees with an exceptional track record.
  4. Any data shared with you is to be considered confidential – this may include company data, client data or any other information that is discussed or mentioned during your work with us.
  5. You are expected to put in 9 hours of work during your work day. The timings shall be adjusted to suit requirements on a case to case basis.
    1. Official reporting time is 9:00AM for attendance purposes. Reporting after 9:00AM regularly will count as a late mark and will be penalized. For remote-only employees or remote-working interns this is still applicable, and if you’re not available during this time you need to inform us and take a leave accordingly.
    2. Leave Policy: Full time employees can accrue upto 21 PL (Privileged Leaves) per annum after the end of probation period. Leaves are accrued on a full-month-attendance basis, and at the end of each month you earn upto 1.75 leaves based on your working days. Part time employees, remote working and interns do not have a leave entitlement, and as required leaves may be discussed with HR.
    3. You will NOT be paid for absences from office unless expressly approved in writing by
    4. Since Saturdays are non-working, no seperate Sick Leaves are allotted. Any sick days may be adjusted against PL or otherwise against earned salary at the company’s discretion.
    5. In addition, we celebrate 11 nationally recognized occasions as Holidays. These holidays are suitably marked as company off days on the company calendar. Remote employees may request the same from HR.
    6. Leaves taken during probation period are directly deductible from salary, without further discussion.
    7. Absence from work for between 2-5 hours is counted as a 1/2 day leave. More than 5 hours absence would be considered as a full day off. Uninformed or unapproved day offs are not appreciated and would be frowned upon.
    8. Uninformed leaves or absence from work for more than 1 working day may negatively impact your employment with the company. Absence of more than 1 week indicates a clear lack of responsibility & gross negligence, and will result in an automatic 1-strike. Realistically, if a company can continue to function without your work inputs for a week, you work role may already be redundant and you should have a discussion with your supervisor.
    9. Working days summary: Of 365 days you are granted 52 saturdays, 52 sundays and 11 national holidays. Effective working days during the year are approximately 250. You are expected to be diligent with your schedule & work commitments for these days, as that is the basis of salary payments.
  6. Location & Transferability: You will be based at our office in Panvel, but Company may have you work from any location as per company requirements. The company may open other offices in different regions and your reporting location can change.
  7. Notice of Separation/Termination: In case of separation, either party is required to give a notice of in writing. Notice period would be informed in the employement offer document.
    1. Termination – by the company without notice, in the event that you have committed an act of misbehaviour, data theft/misuse or other concerns, a 3-strike approach shall be taken, after which employment is suspended immediately, pending an enquiry. Enquiry board shall be suitably formed as to be unbiased in the enquiry concerned.
    2. Penalization – gross negligence, or illegal activities that have caused the company financial loss can cause you to be penalized up to the full extent of the salary paid/due to you. Please ensure you remain on the right side of the law at all times, and remain cognizant of your responsibilities.
    3. You are not entitled to any pay in the event of resignation or termination due to gross negligence during the probation period.
    4. Irrespective of your manner of discharge, you agree to not take up employment opportunity with any of our clients or vendors for next 5 years.
    5. Resignation – you may choose to offer your resignation at any point of time, however clause Penalization may remain applicable
    6. At the time of resignation or sabbatical, the full and final payment would be delayed by upto 2 months as a standard. Exceptions if any shall be notified in writing.
  8. Performance Evaluation: You will have a probation period of 3 months.
    1. Performance indicators and targets will be identified on a monthly basis. Failure to adhere shall result in discontinuation of employment and clause Penalization may become applicable in the event of negligence.
    2. Daily performance related reporting (team huddle) may be requested during the probation period or for employees who’s performance is less than satisfactory. Compulsory office reporting may also be required for similar reasons. Failure to comply will result in suspension.
    3. Increments may be done based on the quality of performance, or otherwise after 1 year from joining. There are no increments during the probation period.
  9. Alternative Employment: You are restricted from accepting any other employment or carry on any other commercial activity while engaged by us, without our prior specific/written approval.
    1. Also, you shall not either directly or indirectly engage with any of our clients or earn any separate profit or interest from them.
  10. Work Dress Code: Suitable clothing must be worn for the duration of work. Shorts/short skirts/backless/etc clothing may negatively impact our clients’ outlook towards Wherrelz IT Solutions and should be avoided at all times.
  11. The Company takes a group Health insurance applies to full time employees that are required to report to the workplace. If this is applicable for you, of the policy begins 30-45 days after workplace reporting begins and relevant documents / information will be collected from you for the same.
  12. Full and final release:
    1. Post resignation or termination, the final month’s salary and any incentives earned will remain in abeyance for a minimum of 1 month.
    2. If the termination was due to clause 6 or 7 the abeyance period may increase up to 3 months
  13. Harassment: In cases of accused sexual harassment, employment shall stand suspended immediately subject to an enquiry as per legal standards.
  14. The company employment terms can be checked on the company website www.wherrelz.in at any time

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