Wherrelz works with Talkies.tv

Talkies.tv is an OTT platform with a focus on video content creators.

Since 2020, we’ve built and maintained the following for them

  1. Web based platform to view videos
  2. Administrative panels to upload and automatically transcode + CDN videos
  3. ‘Creators’ framework where the video content creator can self-signup
  4. Extensive hits, views and reactions tracking for each video
  5. Credit balance tracking for content creators – since the Talkies model allows the creator to get paid based on the number of views on their videos
  6. Payout management and fiscal wise reporting

Talkies.Tv Platform
Talkies.tv Platform

Services offered:

  • Brightcove encoder / AWS encoder / FFMPEG encoder integrations
  • VideoJS player / Brightcove player integrations
  • Video management functionality with captioning, web series, mini series functions
  • Detailed user analytics and reporting
  • Detailed financial analytics and reporting
  • Comprehensive User Rights and DRM management

Administrative Panel for viewer count and billing

Administrative Panel
Administrative Panel

Note: Images uploaded here are done with acceptance from the Talkies.tv product owner.

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